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What is Child Protection?

Child protection is the process of protecting children and young people who have been identified as suffering, or likely to suffer harm as a result of abuse.

There are four types of abuse:

  1. Physical

  2. Sexual

  3. Emotional

  4. Neglect


Safeguarding is the action that people take to keep all children safe, for example:

  • Protect children from harm

  • Ensure that they are safe and well looked after

  • Take action so that all children are able to grow up in a safe environment.


All children have a right to be protected from harm

What does your child’s pre-school / nursery have to do?

Your pre-school or nursery must have a senior member of staff who is responsible for child protection. This person has the title of Designated Safeguarding Lead or sometimes Child Protection Lead Practitioner.


They will have a Child Protection Policy. This document will set out the process for dealing with child protection concerns. If you would like to read this policy the setting’s manager can provide you with a copy.

The setting will also have a process in place for reporting allegations about members of staff, including volunteers.

All adults in the setting, including volunteers, must have regular training to ensure that they are aware of the signs of abuse and know what to do about their concerns. They have a duty to report these to the Designated Safeguarding Lead or Child Protection Lead Practitioner.


Your pre-school / nursery has a legal duty to talk to other agencies such as Children’s Social Care and the Police if they think a child may be at risk of harm.


The welfare of your child is of paramount importance

What do you
need to know?

If anyone in the pre-school or nursery is worried about the welfare of your child this will be discussed with you unless they think that this conversation could put your child at a greater risk of harm.

The pre-school / nursery must also share all relevant information with Children’s Social Care if they are concerned about your child.

The social worker may consult with other agencies before deciding what should happen next. They will also speak to you about the concern and keep you informed about what is happening.

If there is an allegation about an adult who works at the pre-school or nursery, the owner or manager will hold discussions with the Police and Children’s Social Care. If your child is involved, you will be kept informed of any discussions and decisions as appropriate.


Families have a right to expect pre-schools and nurseries to provide a safe and secure environment for children

Find additional information

The information here is taken from a leaflet jointly produced by Wiltshire Council and the Wiltshire Safeguarding Children Board (WSCB).

A Guide to Child Protection

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